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Leverage data from existing systems and new devices

Build integrated business applications without code

Engage your employees, customers and business partners

Finally, Get the Applications That You Deserve for Your Business.

Remember the following words when looking for a platform


Save time by putting together applications with existing building blocks – validate them – and refine them up to 10x faster.


Stop throwing away your applications – adopt an agile mindset, extend your existing services and leverage the data you have.


Bring your business to a whole new level by engaging not only your employees – but also your customers and partners on your platform.


Reduce your expenses by up to 50% and be part of a growing ecosystem to share apps with other companies or vendors

Start With Existing Data Sources

Companies don’t have an issue with collecting data. They have an issue with using data in the most efficient way, when they need it. That’s why our platform comes loaded with different types of connectors to hook up your existing data sources.

For example, you could create an application that triggers a warning from a machine, send that report directly to your ticket support system and fire off a service ticket for the next available technician nearby, automatically. He can then open his customized service application and check the machine for maintenance.

Build custom applications with just the right data

Imagine you are a service technician and you need to get data from a service ticket from your SAP system. The client data is stored in an Oracle database. And best of all, you need to perform a checkup with pen and paper.

Say no more. We don’t strive to build apps for our clients (except on the Simplifier), instead we want to enable them to build custom applications themselves, and solve problems like the one above. Integrate data from different types of systems and create smooth and efficient processes that make your employees and customers happy.

Extend to Infinity And Beyond

You might think that there are too many constraints when using a visual development platform. Think again, because the Simplifier leaves you with no boundaries when it comes to enhancing your applications. Every module can be extended with custom code, plugins and custom functions that your development team or supplier of choice has built.

Add custom widgets like buttons and tables that you can repurpose for any project or a custom connector that feeds from an exotic API. Got a new wearable device? As long as it runs Android, Windows 10 or iOS, we got you covered.

Create Apps With the Simplifier From Start to Finish

All Features

Web-based development environment to configure integrated mobile, wearable and browser applications

Support of Context-aware technologies (Augmented Reality / real-time communication, scanning, sensors)

Rapid Deployment and over-the-air updates

Customization of applications with built-in user interface designer and visual scripting for SAPUI5 and AngularJS frameworks

Deploy on multiple devices simultaneously (Smartphones, tablets, smartglasses, smartwatches)

Customization of Backend Interfaces through standardized Connectors (SOAP, REST, XML, IDoc, MQTT, OPC-UA, API, CSV)

Deploy on multiple platforms simultaneously (Web, Android, iOS & Windows 10)

Create Applications Like These

Companies that trust the Simplifier Platform

The Building Blocks For an Industrial Internet of Things

What we did: Create an OPC-UA connector to integrate machines and business apps. Apps that talk to machines can now be built and used without any code knowledge.

“There’s no platform out there right now that is both as easy to use and as versatile as the Simplifier.”

Caroline Trips, Managing Partner, Trips group

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Simplifier is a web-based platform to configure and run integrated business applications. That means you can not only connect all your existing systems and databases, but also use the applications you build on almost any device and operating system.

The Simplifier uses state-of-the-art security mechanisms to ensure security on all layers.

  • TLS 1.2 Security
  • VPN Tunnels
  • Username / Password
  • One-Time-Login via SMS or Google Authenticator
  • Certificate with PKI
  • Automated Testing for Application Server
  • Secured Framework against Session hijacking
  • Certified Application Server
  • CoreOS Updater, always up-to-date CoreOS against heartbleed & co.
  • Docker OS
  • IP-blocking against DOS attacks
  • SPAM Detection

Yes. Data can be securely cached on the device that you currently use. Any new and relevant data will be stored on mobile devices until you get back online.

Yes. You can choose between your own cloud account, which we host, and an on-premise installation.

We currently support Android, iOS, Windows 10 and new browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

We provide you with a variety of different connector types from the get-go and we are working on not only providing you with even more of them, but also offer ready-made integrations for an even easier setup.

We have successfully created applications with more than 30 simultaneous connections to other systems, but we are looking to use even more and the system architecture is ready for that.