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for integrated UI5 Business and IOT Apps

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The Simplifier uses advanced web technologies to create integrated business and IOT applications through easy configuration.


Thanks to standardized connectors, the Simplifier enables the connection of any back-end systems and data sources such as SAP, ORACLE, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

A short view

Learn the basic functions of the Simplifier. Katrin Bichlmeier from the Simplifier Academy guides you through our Low Code Solution:

  • Dashboard
  • Basic functions
  • User customization
  • Connecting systems
  • Deployment
Watch the introduction video

Create user interface

Create easy-to-use, intuitive user interfaces with pre-defined elements.


Connecting systems

Integrate data from a variety of existing systems with standardized connectors.

Configure process

Configure the process logic and interaction of your application or use your existing business logic.

These companies benefit from the use of the Simplifiers.