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    Project Description


    • Easy recording, passing on and processing of malfunctions
    • Simple operability for factory and skilled workers
    • Full integration into the SAP system
    • Notification via push message or e-mail possible

    • Integration of multimedia documentation material (photos, videos), position tracking (GPS) (if desired)

    • High transparency through evaluation of malfunctions by area/ department, work area, production materials

    Efficient handling and evaluation of malfunctions

    Disruptions in the production process are always annoying for companies. If problems occur in the value-added process, not the good advice is expensive, but too slow and inflexible malfunction management. However, this is reality at work in many industrial companies. It is not uncommon that malfunctions are still recorded by paper and pen and then brought to the appropriate departments. Filling in documents, long distances from one department to another, organizing additional materials such as photos for documentation, or manually entering incidents into the ERP system – all this takes a lot of time.

    In the case of production stoppages, faults must be rectified quickly. The longer this takes, the more likely it is that the downtimes will influence further production steps. The result is even higher costs. In addition, the company is threatened with damage to its image because deadlines cannot be met.

    With our mobile application solution for malfunction management, faults are handled and documented quickly, sustainably and flexible. Through the Simplifier App, users can access the application with different end devices, such as tablets or smartphones. This offers factory workers a simple and handy way to process faults. The malfunctions are collected in a central database and can be managed, segmented, monitored and evaluated in a mobile way. This increases the transparency of incidents and their general impact on productivity. The solution makes it possible to create and process all occurring malfunctions. This enables the management to view all malfunctions in real time. The reports also help to identify particularly high-risk production phases.

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    Development time:App ready to use after only 10 days
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    By using the Simplifier you can easily and quickly create your own individual application, which is tailor-made for your company and your requirements. Benefit from:

    • configuration, administration, commissioning and maintenance of enterprise apps for web, mobile and wearables
    • configured once, everywhere executable (operating system and end device independent)
    • fast, flexible and sustainable without programming knowledge
    • configurable interfaces for bidirectional integration of existing data sources
    • use of innovative technologies such as augmented reality, sensors, beacons, scanning and tracking
    • consistent technological basis through the use of modern web technologies
    • all in one web-based environment, available onpremise or cloud-based