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Mobile Asset Management 2018-12-20T16:21:47+00:00

Project Description


Mobile Asset Management

Paperless maintenance

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The application is used to map industrial maintenance processes digitally. New tasks can be created, processed, accepted and rejected via tablet. The user receives mobile access to useful documents.

Moreover the app simplifies the management of incident processes via mobile device. For this, the user can use real-time-data from the SAP-System (such as object lists). In case of a malfunction, the object lists can be displayed and the notification supplemented with actions, measures and damage patterns.

Anwendung im Einsatz:

SWO Netz GmbH

Creating own applications with the Simplifier?

By using the Simplifier you can easily and quickly create your own individual application, which is tailor-made for your company and your requirements. Benefit from:

  • configuration, administration, commissioning and maintenance of enterprise apps for web, mobile and wearables
  • configured once, everywhere executable (operating system and end device independent)
  • fast, flexible and sustainable without programming knowledge
  • configurable interfaces for bidirectional integration of existing data sources
  • use of innovative technologies such as augmented reality, sensors, beacons, scanning and tracking
  • consistent technological basis through the use of modern web technologies
  • all in one web-based environment, available onpremise or cloud-based
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