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    Project Description

    Smart Remote Service

    Expert knowledge made available easily.
    With video streaming knowledge transfer becomes efficient.

    Expert knowledge is very expensive but needed in various situations.

    Language barriers may complicate communication via e-mail and phone. Whether  machine failure, routine maintenence of komplex systems or replacing spare parts: travelling experts cost a lot of many and while travelling the valuable personal ressource is tied up. The downstream documentation in complex systems is time-consuming and prevent experts from concentrating on their core tasks.

    Most of the mobile devices used today have a build-in camera. Remote Service uses this functionality to connect experts using browsers with thosemobile devices via video stream. Tablets and smart glasses are recommended. The expert guides through the maintenance or repair process without having to leave the workplace.

    Due to the transfer of the camera image failures can be detect faster and the correct processing can be guaranteed. Video-sequences can be automatically stored in the ERP-system for documentation.

    Avoid downtimes and cut repair costs

    Reduced travel expenses

    Completely digitized service processes

    Automatic and complete documentation

    The right tool for every application

    In order to provide proper remote maintenance, we recommend using smart glasses to supply experts in a remote location with a clear picture of the situation on-site and allow hands-free operations. However, the use of smart phones, tablets and smart watches is also possible. The latter are suitable for the timely indication of critical conditions or for the transmission of a video stream from the built-in camera.

    The blue wire or the red wire?

    Don’t catch the wrong cable: what sounds like a bomb-disposal operation, is a daily practice in the service business. A server must be rewired and the expert, who is qualified to provide assistance for this, is far away. Watch the video to see remote service on the basis of an everyday life example.