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Video Tutorials 2018-07-16T17:56:29+00:00

Video Tutorials

The Simplifier is a comfortable, but also complex software solution with many interlocking functions. To give you the opportunity to get an impression of our low-code platform, here you will find introductory videos as well as video clips that highlight individual functions and explain how to use them.


  • UI5-based low-code platform
  • Web-based environment for browsers, wearables and mobile devices
  • Support for context-sensitive technologies
  • Fast deployment and wireless updates
  • Configuring applications 
  • Simultaneous implementation on different devices & platforms
  • Standardised connectors

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Duration: 1:30 min
Duration: 2:20 min

A first overview of the platform

Get to know the Simplifiers. This video shows you:

  • Dashboard
  • Basic functions
  • Custom customizations
  • Connecting systems
  • Deployment


Create, edit, and publish complete applications.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 0:43 min
Duration: 2:20 min

Process Designer

The Process Designer is the tool to implement processes and logic. Reusable processes are defined by subdivision into individual stories within the Process Dashboard.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 0:55 min
Duration: 1:58 min
Duration: 1:27 min
Duration: 0:57 min
Duration: 1:18 min

UI Designer

With the UI Designer you can create and design the user interfaces of your applications.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 3:45 min

Widget Customizer

A widget represents a specific element in the user interface (e. g. checkbox, button or login screen).
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 9:46 min
Duration: 2:36 min


Transports allow you to define all the artifacts of your app and have them collected by the simplifier to create a bundle.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 1:02 min
Duration: 2:57 min


Connectors are used to retrieve data from backend systems and third-party sources and to write changed data back to them.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 2:48 min
Duration: 3:13 min
Duration: 1:45 min

Settings & Users

Define many different parameters for users and their roles.
This is also where the QR code generator is located for easy access, especially with smart glasses.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 1:54 min
Duration: 1:27 min
Duration: 1:20 min

Data Workbench

In the Data Workbench, you can manage global events, variables, and Auto Fields that you want to use across functions in the user stories.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 2:01 min


Jobs are server side executed and recurring tasks which use Business Objects as logic.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 0:56 min

Business Object

The Simplifier allows you to create complex integrated applications up to a high degree solely through configuration. Nevertheless, at some point in time, advanced business logic might be required, which can’t be implemented merely by configuration. This is when Business Objects come into play.
to documentation (login required)

Duration: 2:56 min

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