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You want more? – You get more!

Your free Freemium-instance is about to expire? Or it already is shut down?
Find out how to extend your free access and benefit from all Simplifier advantages.

Choose out of two options to extend your Simplifier-Freemium-Time without paying for it.

Evaluate the Simplifier
Tell us what you think. Leave a review of the Simplifier on the independent platforms or and receive an extra month Freemium on top for your efforts. To proof your review just send us a review-confirmation (link, screenshot, …) at freemium@simplifier.io.

Your Bonus for each review: + 1 month freemium

Make the Simplifier-Community grow
Recommend Freemium to a colleague or business friend. Each verified registration, attributed to you, means another free month for you (max. 3 months). Just inform us after the registration, whom you recruited and send this to freemium@simplifier.io.

Your Bonus for each confirmed registration: + 1 month freemium

All free options are expended but you need more time to test Simplifier? Then use your instance for app development just like before and pay for hosting only. You’ll be charged 199 € per month.

Your Freemium Benefits:

  • Keep getting the Simplifier for free
  • Only pay hosting fee
  • Use all functions without limits
  • Your Freemium Instance is always up to date with the latest release

You are convinced, Simplifier meets your enterprise’s needs? Then start your company’s digitization now. Let’s help you. Who is needed on board? Let’s talk things over in a kick-off-websession.

Your Full-License Benefits:

  • Created applications can be used productively
  • Host your system as you like (Simplifier Cloud, onPremise or any cloud service)
  • Use multiple instances (D-Q-P) to map your development process cleanly
  • Watermark/banner in backend and in your apps will be removed