System requirements

On-Premise Installation

We support you with on-premise installations of the Simplifier on one of his own instances. To do that, we deliver a prepared Docker image to you. The image comes pre-configured and contains all the required components, including the Simplifier server in its most recent version.

The target instance must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least 8 GB RAM minimum, 12 GB recommended
  • 64 BIT x86, server processor with 4 cores and at least 2 GHz per core
  • At least 20 GB of free hard disk space
  • Open ports: 80 (TCP),  443 (TCP) , 8090 (TCP)
  • SMTP relay (port 587)
  • SSL Certificate for encrypted connection

Depending on what kind of maintenance service level has been defined, we might need access to your machine in order to install updates or analyze logs. In this case, the target machine should fulfill the following additional requirements:

  • Your server is connected to the Internet
  • SSH daemon is installed and running (preferable on port 22)

Specifications for server operating systems:

In general, the Docker engine can run on all Linux versions with kernel version> = 3.10, but for the versions below, there are “official” releases. If you are uncertain about the compatibility go to the Docker website.

Tested Distributions:

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux) and SUSE Enterprise SUSE Enterprise are officially supported only by paid docker variants.
Install Docker for Mac

Our docker containers, respectively the database server, require a file system which can be case-sensitive under MacOS. Therefore, it may be necessary to create a seperate volume for the user data which is configured with the option “-v” when the container is started.

The Simplifier MacOS Deployment is not recommend for production use, because of the limited support for container.
Install Docker for Windows

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows Server 2016 (Please download the “Docker Edge” version on the website.)
    The runtime is given, but not as a Windows Service. The Docker Containers only stay up and running in a locked user session.
The Simplifier Windows Deployment is not recommend for production use, because of the limited support for container.


For development with our low-code platform we recommend the Google Chrome Browser
Use Google Developer Tools for Mobile Preview, Console, Debugging and DOM Inspection.

Mobile Testing

For testing on mobile devices, use Android (>4.4), iOS (>9) and Windows 10 devices.
We support the penultimate version (n – 1) of the following browsers.
This means if the latest Firefox version is n=52, we support version n – 1 = Firefox v.51:

Additionally we support the browsers:
Internet Explorer (Version 10-11)Microsoft Edge

For questions regarding the technical specifications and systems, please use our contact form:

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