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Webinar: Why you have to decide for Low-Code right now?

Moderator: Christopher Bouveret
CIO Simplifier AG
Co-Speaker: John Rymer
Vice President & Principal Analyst Forrester Research, Inc.
Co-Speaker: Michael Meyer-Hentschel
Siemens Corporate Technology

START: 27.06.2019 | 14:30 (Language: English)

You would like to move forward with the digitization of your company? In that case you should participate in our webinar „Why you have to decide for Low-Code right now?” Low-Code helps you to use your ressources in the most efficient way. John Rymer from Forrester will elaborate on why it is beneficiary. Michael Meyer-Hentschel from Siemens will demonstrate the possibilities that Low-Code offers with two use cases. The webinar will be moderated by Simplifier CIO Christopher Bouveret.

Lack of skilled employees, long development cycles, missing flexibility, shadow IT, lacking integration of specialty departments in development processes– the list with obstacles that keeps companies from implementing their digitization strategies, is rather long. The employees in charge are confronted with a wide range of solution approaches.

In their study „Low-Code Development – Platforms for AD&D Professionals” the Forrester Research analysts investigated, which of these approaches really leads to success.

Large enterprises such as Siemens are already using Low-Code. Thereby, they are experiencing both a change of culture and of mindset. The most important insight: In order to avoid shadow IT and to move digitization forward sustainably, there has to be a bridge between the IT and the specialty department.

These topics – and similiar ones – will be discussed in this free-of-charge webinar on June 27, 2019.

  • Short introduction round (Christopher Bouveret, John Rymer, Michael Meyer-Hentschel)
  • Why Low-Code, why now?: Market, trends and ROI, agile and software development (John Rymer)
  • Interview: Why enterprises need to use  Low-Code platforms to achieve quicker results – from the view of the provider (Christopher Bouveret, John Rymer)
  • Interview: How Low-Code technology helps enterprises improve on the development and deployment of applications. Low-Code based Use-Cases realized by Siemens: MES + CPPS + Low-Code (Christopher Bouveret, Michael Meyer-Hentschel)
  • Summary (Christopher Bouveret)
  • Outro + Experts opinions (John Rymer, Michael Meyer-Hentschel)
  • Q&A. Christopher Bouveret will translate if necessary
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